les préserver d’une complète acculturation

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Hello everyone,
I have a doubt and would appreciate your input.
I'm translating a text for an art exhibition. The artists are from another South Pacific island and the Minister is talking about the use of cultural references in the works:
Ces concepts traditionnels confèrent également à leurs œuvres, un aspect caractéristique, une originalité et une force, qui les préservent d’une complète acculturation

I've just got a doubt with "d'une..." I take it that the sentence is positive but I'm wondering.
My effort is :
These traditional concepts also give the works a characteristic appearance, an originality and a force which serves to protect them (from?) a complete cultural integration
Are the traditional concepts protecting the work from cultural integration? For me it would make more sense if they protect and conserve the cultural integration.

Could someone advise me on how best to translate the sense please?
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    I understand the same, though I don't entirely understand how traditional concepts would prevent cultural assimilation, you'd think it would be the opposite. Nor do I understand why cultural assimilation would be a bad thing. Probably why I'm not an artist!


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    Me, too. It's not well-written; it seems that the traditional concepts (native?) protect the works from being completely assimilated into (European/Western) concepts by maintaining their originality,characteristics and artistic strength.

    The word "acculturation" seems wrong/contradictory - the writer/art critic must mean that their native culture is being absorbed and negatively altered by the (western) modern artistic concepts which don't have the primitive force of the traditional concept of primitivism. e.g. aboriginal art, cave paintings in Lascaux, early Egyptian art.


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    I suggest: (...) which protect them from any total acculturation.
    From a complete acculturation.

    Concept of acculturation on the Wiki for instance:

    Acculturation - Wikipedia
    Not a word I'm familiar with, but I don't suppose it's much used in French either.
    However, you can't use 'any total'. It's either any or total. And acculturation must be a collective noun, so the indefinite article is unnecessary.


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    Acculturation est bien compris en français, et on comprend que le ministre en question trouve que l'acculturation totale est un processus négatif.

    Je n'y vois pas de contradiction : The artists' works resist complete acculturation thanks to the characteristic appearance, the originality and strength they gain by using traditional inspiration.


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    I have a feeling that in English, it's too abstract and doesn't make sense to talk about the acculturation of works of art, it would have to be the acculturation of the artists...
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