les premières pierres posées

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  1. Hello,

    This is my context: they are constructing a new warehouse
    A ce jour les fondations ont été faites et les premières pierres posées.

    I need help with this expression/word: les premières pierres posées
    -- because I could not find the translation for les premières pierres posées in this context.

    Is this a set French expression or they must really have laid down "stones" and not something else here?

    To date, the foundations were completed and the first stones were laid?

    Thank you in advance
  2. Anitchka Senior Member


    It is a french expression which means that they started raising the walls, but it can be stones or bricks, etc. Except if you have indications in your text that it is indeed stones they are using for the construction.
  3. So would it be right to say something vague like:

    To date, the foundations were completed and the construction has started.?

    or the first stages of construction have started?
  4. Anitchka Senior Member

    Yes, to me both sound correct. If you wanna be really cautious because you don't have any indication on the work done, i.e if they just started and left it for a while for example you can choose your second proposal "first stages".
  5. Merci bien!

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