less close to further away


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Ask them to draw a circle for each person and to fill the circles with the name and relation of that person (e.g. mother, best friend, classmate, neighbour, etc.).
Ask them to:
- Draw the people most important to them, closest to themselves
- Draw those who are less close to further away.
What could be meant please by "less close to further away"?
Source: I Deal - War Child Holland
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    That second sentence is not correct. There's either a word missing, or an extra word.

    The sentence should read: "Draw those who they are less close to further away" or "Draw those who are less close further away."

    In any case, the meaning is: when drawing circles for people who are less close [i.e. more distantly related - classmates and neighbors are more distantly related than parents and siblings], draw those circles further away.
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