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  1. Minh Tam

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    Hi everyone

    Could you help me understand the sentence below?

    "Long and linear grooves in the contact direction of the teeth. Their intensity is less marked at the pitch diameter."

    (This's from gear inspection and it talks about the reason that causes scratch wear of the gear. )

    What does "less marked" mean?

    Here's the image of pitch diameter: Link

    Thanks for your consideration!
  2. bennymix

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    Ontario, Canada. I grew up in US.
    English (American).
    The first part is not a sentence. I suppose, "There are" should be in front.

    It's a bit odd to talk of the 'intensity' of grooves, but presumably 'less marked' means 'not so deep'. The pitch diameter seems to extend halfway up the height of the teeth.

    As I see it, there are grooves in a tooth, starting at the tip, very marked, then becoming shallower halfway down the tooth.
  3. Minh Tam

    Minh Tam Senior Member

    Thanks bennymix! I get the idea. Maybe I need to see that thing with my own eyes!

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