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Hey guys,
I have a question...
Less than container loads (LCL) in spanish how can i say this?
I have Menos de Carga de Contenedor (LCL) is that ok??

Thanks in advance,
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    "Carga menor que la de un contenedor"

    "Menos carga que la de un contenedor"

    seguro que hay otras opciones válidas, pero todas son más o menos iguales. Lo que es importante es hacer referencia a la sigla en inglés [LCL] porque es la nomenclatura utilizada internacionalmente.



    I have searched it, and I have found that in spanish it is translated as "carga consolidada" but the acronym used is LCL too.

    I was interested in what does it means, so i have searched the meaning and if you are trying to explain it, not only refer it, "carga menor que la de un contenedor" or "carga de volumen menor al de un contenerdor" can works.

    If I made any mistake writing this message, please tell me, I'm learning :)


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    Sorry to disagree. LCL is fomed by the first letters of the Words "Less Container Load", as opposite to FCL (Full Container Load)

    So it is an acronym and not an abbreviation, although the distinction is subtle as acronyms are also a form of abreviation, but in the general sense.

    For MartaAlgor, you should say "can work" (without the final "s")
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