Lessen your voice?


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I haven't heard :

1.Lessen your voice.

Instead We say

2.Lower your voice.

Is the first one incorrect?

And Here is the link that uses lessen with roar.
{ This, however, did not lessen the roar with which his fans greeted the icon as he emerged out of his car, clad in white, and with a Santa Claus beard.}

Now How is this that we can use lessen with roar but not with voice?

Thanks in anticipation.
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    I don't know that there is any better answer than "it is just the way we say it." A roar can be diminished / lessened / softened / dulled / muted. A voice can be raised or lowered.


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    "The police hit the protesters with their sticks but this did not lessen the voice of the people!" (Here 'the voice of the people' would be a metaphor for "political protests") In a similar way, a 'roar of the fans' is the description of a sound and not the same as a person's own roar/voice.
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