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  1. learning_grenglish

    learning_grenglish Senior Member

    "My parents love with me has lessened/decreased/reduced recently".

    Which of these options are correct?

    I will go for "decreased" or "lessened", because they both have the connotation of "less in amount". Whereas, the "reduced" has the connotation of "less in size". But I don't know which one would be more correct.

    Please help me.
  2. Dimcl Senior Member

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    I would go for "lessened", LG. "Decreased" also has an implication of size.
  3. learning_grenglish

    learning_grenglish Senior Member

    Thank you Dimcl

    Similarly with "affection", should I use "lessened"? e.g. My mother's affection for me has lessened.

    On the side note : Is the use of "connotation" incorrect in my original sentence?
  4. nichec

    nichec Senior Member

    I don't know how a situation like this is possible, but yes, I would use "lessened" as well. (the same goes for "affection)

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