Let it be

Espero Antos

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Hello everybody,

It is not the title of "that" famous song that I am asking you to decrypt; more modestly, I would be interested in knowing the meaning of the expression "let it be" in the following context:

A (a man, trying to catch B's interest)I am rewriting this letter for you so many times... and every time it gets more complicated! :)
...maybe it is high time to send it to you!

B (a woman)
Maybe you should stop trying so hard and just let it be... :)

Does B mean that A should give up writing his letter or rather that he should finally make up his mind and draw up the final, definitive version of his letter, or something else?

  • cuchuflete

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    It could mean--

    1) Put the letter aside entirely, or

    2) Consider the present state of the letter adequate, and abandon further rewriting efforts. Send it "as is".


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    As in cuchuflete's second alternative, "let it be" often means "leave it alone" or "stop bothering with it". I would assume B meant that A should stop working on it and send it as it was. He was concentrating too hard on it, making it worse instead of better with his rewrites.
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