let it wash over you


I can't find what it means in my humorous context : a man tells a man how to get rid of an electronic bracelet.

Man : A chunk of bologna, diameter of your ankle, heated to 98.6 degrees might confuse the sensor.
Friend (meditative) : You choose to be house-bound.
Man : Embrace the walls. Let it wash over you.

Etreins les murs. (?) Laisse venir.

Does it mean : Je m'occupe de tout ?
  • wash over somebody phrasal verb

    1 if a feeling washes over you, you suddenly feel it very strongly:
    A feeling of relief washed over her.

    2 if you let something wash over you, you do not pay close attention to it:
    She was content to let the conversation wash over her.
    (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English)
    Je penche pour le second sens.

    Suggestion : Ne fais plus qu'un avec les murs. Ne te laisse pas atteindre.
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    Actually, Pointvirgule, I'd tend to go with the first meaning. But I'm not sure of that at all. This little dialogue isn't clear to me at all.

    Alpheratz, can you give more of the dialogue? Send me a PM on this one if you like. I find this rather mysterious.
    The expression 'wash over' seems to have 2 contradictory meanings depending on context - HERE as reported by our friend ;

    We should wait for more context as anything else would be a coin-flip, but 'wash over' as water on the back of a duck seem the likeliest suspect.
    Embrace the walls. Let it wash over you.

    La paix est entre ces murs. Sois serein et ça va passer.

    I forgot to say this man is agoraphobic. What he says is always funny with a lot of quirky humour.