Let me be torn away

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The quotation comes from Charlotte Brontë – Jane Eyre (Chap. 27) | Genius

Quotation: I wrestled with my own resolution: I wanted to be weak that I might avoid the awful passage of further suffering I saw laid out for me; and Conscience, turned tyrant, held Passion by the throat, told her tauntingly, she had yet but dipped her dainty foot in the slough, and swore that with that arm of iron he would thrust her down to unsounded depths of agony.

Let me be torn away,” then I cried. “Let another help me!”

“No; you shall tear yourself away, none shall help you: you shall yourself pluck out your right eye; yourself cut off your right hand: your heart shall be the victim, and you the priest to transfix it."
Hi everyone! I don't quite understand bold part here. I believe "to tear away" means "4. b.B.I.5.b fig. To take away or remove by force or violence; to force; refl. to force oneself away". But I don't know how it works here.

My guess is as below. Is it correct?
the sentence => let someone make effort to remove me from ( the dilemma: she knew she had to leave Mr. R, but she was reluctant to do so)
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    What does "means "4. b.B.I.5.b fig." mean?
    It's a tag of "tear" in OED. :D

    I think you should look up "let" and the subjunctive mood. Let it be known that I have said this.
    With your advice, I've found these threads:
    Let Us Be Off
    It means "Shall we go?" or, more literally, "Allow us to depart."
    I can't let myself [be] distracted by the noise.
    We don't "let an umbrella mended," we get it mended. Let is for things that happen by
    themselves; it means "allow." (Edit: Well, you could allow it to be mended, I suppose, as Copyright correctly showed.)
    let oneself be carried away
    It means he couldn't resist her, despite the fact he wanted to resist her. He was taken away by her alluring feminine charms.
    Then I interpret "let me be torn away" as below:

    Allow me to be torn away, i.e., despite the fact I want to stay here, I don't resist whoever will take me away

    It's what you mean here? I'm not sure I understand your explanation. :D


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    She wants someone else to remove her from the situation, because she does not feel strong enough to leave of her own will.

    "I want someone to tear me away! I don't want to have to do it myself!"
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