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  1. Sam302 Senior Member

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    This is for a fairly polite email (but it doesn't have to be extremely formal):
    I want to politely ask this person if he could tell me what his general availability is (in order to possibly plan for a regular weekly meeting).

    In polite English, I would simply say: "Could you please let me know about your availability."

    All I can think of is, "Pourriez-vous me dire quand vous seriez disponible?" But I'm not very happy with that. I'd like to express the broader idea of (regular) availability, but I'm not sure if or how I can use disponibilité here. And maybe something less abrupt than "dire" -- informer? But again it doesn't have to be as formal as an official business letter.

    Tout suggestion est la bienvenue
    Merci beaucoup d'avance
  2. josephboen

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    Pouvez vous / Veuillez me communiquer vos disponibilités.
  3. Sam302 Senior Member

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    Merci beaucoup josephboen, ça me semble parfait :)

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