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    How do you say "let someone down"? As in failing to fulfill one's duties/expectations/promises to someone that you have been bound by? In English you can let down a person who is not there/unable to witness it (example: After her father died by a car accident she couldn't let him down any further by disrespecting his wishes.) but the Hebrew verb "leaxzev" doesn't seem to cut it because it means "to disappoint someone/make someone feel disappointed". I perceive the expression as a thing you do to someone very directly. What simple Hebrew expression(s) covers that case? (It doesn't have to completely cover all meanings of "let someone down".) What would you say when an English speaker would say "I won't let you down" to a dying friend or family member?

    Would it be appropriate if the example sentence is rendered as "...היא לא יכלה לבגוד בו עוד יותר"?
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    My English is quite poor, so I understand the exact meaning of the expression from your example.
    In Hebrew we would probably say לפגוע בו or לפגוע בזכרו (if he is dead): I think this verb doesn't obligate "his" presence or awareness.
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    I think לאכזב is appropriate for all uses that you mentioned. לבגוד doesn't make sense in this case.
    לאחר שאביה נהרג בתאונת דרכים, היא לא יכלה להרשות לעצמה לאכזב אותו/את זכרו עוד יותר על ידי זלזול ברצונותיו (שהוא הביע בעודו חי/בחיים).)
    I won't let you down: אני לא אאכזב אותך

    Please note that as GeriReshef siad above, when speaking of the deceased in Hebrew, it is customary to speak of "their remembrance/memory" (or other noun) rather than of "them" directly.

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