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When we solve a maths problem algebraically we have to declare what is the quantity we denoted as x - in English, this is called a "let statement" because it goes thus: "let x be [the number of something or other]"
Well, I know that in French this would be translated as "soit x...", but is there a specific expression that is the equivalent of "let statement"?

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  • This is the first I've heard the expression "let statement." It's been many years since I was a student in the math department at Princeton, but I doubt that I would have forgotten that terminology had it existed at the time.

    I think the term in French in the computer world is, simply, 'let' déclaration.

    I wonder if it didn't come out of the world of computer programming, as Jean's comment would imply. I'd be interested to know if that's the origin of the term and when it began to be used in mathematics.

    Cheers - Bob
    I think you're right that LET isn't used in many languages, and that it is optional in most of those where it is used. It's definitely déclaration, but my impression was that the words were used in French IT in the reverse order (as in English).

    Cheers - Bob