let your kink flag fly

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  1. Nata_libera New Member

    << --- let your kink flag fly --- >>

    Hi everybody, I'm new year and can't figure our exactly the meaning of this expression.
    Context is: a nice girl arrives in the wrong place the wrong time, another girl says that to her.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Keith Bradford

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    To fly the flag = To display one's allegiences.
    Kink = Personal aberration.

    So she's saying: Relax, display your personality, don't be so much on your guard...
  3. Enquiring Mind

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    Just a word of caution for all the learners: this is quite an idiosyncratic statement which I don't think would easily be understood by most native speakers, despite getting 264 hits on Google. I wouldn't recommend using it.
  4. lucas-sp Senior Member

    English - Californian

    "Kink" = non-traditional sexual practice. "Kinks" include BDSM, fetishes, role-playing... anything outside the realm of "ordinary" sex. (So, anything fun, basically.)

    The saying that's in play here is "Let your freak flag fly!" which is a typical slogan (at least in AE) meaning "Be proud of your aberrance!", "Put your non-conformity on display!" From wiktionary:
    Substituting "kink" for "freak" makes the saying stronger, saying basically "Come on and celebrate your sexual perversions!" The good girl is being encouraged to let go of her straight-laced nature and experiment with deviant sexuality.

    We need to know the source, of course. To me, the situation - good girl arrives in a bad, kinky party - smacks of John Waters movies...
  5. Parla Senior Member

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    I've never heard either expression (I was unfamiliar with that particular Hendrix lyric) although I could figure them out from the context. But to me, "freak" and "kink" are different. Are you saying that they're the same, Lucas, or just that the expressions follow the same pattern?
  6. lucas-sp Senior Member

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    I didn't mean to suggest that the two expressions were the same. "Let your freak flag fly!" is standard; substituting "kink" for "freak" makes the saying much stronger and emphasizes the sexual meaning. I don't know anything about Jimi Hendrix, nor am I at all a flower child, but - maybe because I live in San Francisco - I'm quite familiar with "Let your freak flag fly!"

    ("Freak" in the 1960's did have a possible meaning of sexual deviancy that has mellowed slightly over time.)

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