l'etincelle de sa vie

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    It's not very common as far as I'm aware, and probably would be used only for specific phrases and contexts. Here are some I've found online (out of only 20 matches):

    Ces femmes pourraient-elles, elles aussi, rallumer l'étincelle de sa vie?
    Could these women too possibly rekindle the spark of his life?

    ...mais elle garde l'étincelle de sa vie au fond de sont coeur et essaie de faire de chaque jour un jour de joie et de gaieté.
    But she preserves the spark of her life in the depths of her heart and tries to make each day one of joy and lightheartedness.

    Il y a dans tous ces objets une étincelle de sa vie
    There is always in these objects a snipet (??) of her life.

    I hope that contributes in some way :D...
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