1. runnernet Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spanish- Spain
    Thank you both. I was looking those words up and I couldn't find the exact meaning in Spanish. How would you translate "letra en molde" into english?

    Gracias por salvar mi traduccion
  2. Diddy

    Diddy Senior Member

    print name = escribir en letra de molde.
  3. David

    David Banned

    letra de molde, letra de imprenta: "Please Print"

    or "Printed Name" (adjectivo)
    or "Print Name" (verbo imperativo)
  4. scionwild New Member

    hi averybuddy:

    the correct form to say letras en molde is "pattern Alphabet" and it refers wneh you hace the patterns of all the letters thatmake you easier to make charts etc...

    I hope it be clear

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