1. kruelladevil Member

    Chile - Spanish
    Does anybody know how to say "letra manuscrita" in English? It is the opposite of "print".
    I'd appeciate any kind of help.
    Thanx ;).
  2. la_machy

    la_machy Senior Member

    Hermosillo, Sonora, México.
    Español de Sonora
    Cursive letter.

  3. kruelladevil Member

    Chile - Spanish
    Thank you!
    You've been very helpful!
  4. Javadaba

    Javadaba Senior Member

    Seattle, USA
    Castellano - Argentina
    I'd say handwriting, or even hand script, but I'm a nobody. :)
  5. la_machy

    la_machy Senior Member

    Hermosillo, Sonora, México.
    Español de Sonora
    Handwriting en el diccionario dice que significa 'letra' (¿?).
    Handwritten significa 'escrito a mano' o 'manuscrito' (es diferente de letra manuscrita).

    De hecho, en español, además de 'letra manuscrita' se dice 'letra cursiva', no sé si este último por influencia del término en inglés.

    (BTW, Javadaba, you are somebody since you are here, at WR;-)
  6. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    Actually, this method of writing is called "cursive writing."
    According to Webster's: "... writing in which the strokes of the letters are joined in each word."

    In the US, the most popular cursive writing form of penmanship is called The Palmer Method.

    Except for old-timers like me, very few people use cursive writing today.

  7. CervantinaCcs

    CervantinaCcs Senior Member

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Spanish - Venezuela
    Letra cursiva también se conoce como letra corrida, escritura corrida, es decir, enlazadas las letras unas con otras, pero no significa que sean hechas a mano. Las computadoras tienen ese tipo de letra.
    Para especificar que sea letra manuscrita creo que habría que decir handwritting, porque lo que se quiere decir, entendí, es que no es impresa, sino escrita por alguien
  8. Wisconsinite Senior Member

    English United States
    For my region of the US, I would say the answer is unquestionably
    I work in a school, and this is how we would refer to letra manuscrita.

    Colloquially, you can also just say 'cursive' and it's understood that the word refers to handwriting.

    For instance:
    "I never learned cursive."
    "Please write the final draft in cursive."
    "In fifth grade, students are required to use cursive."
    "Please practice your cursive."
    "Cursive is old fashioned."

    I think cursive is a dying art though, it is not taught in schools in my area anymore.
  9. greenheyes Senior Member

    British English (Cheshire)
    In B.E,the opposite of print is handwriting. E.g. The essay must be written by hand.
    You must improve your handwriting.

    For me, it doesn´t refer to any particular type of writing.
  10. Wisconsinite Senior Member

    English United States
  11. Wisconsinite Senior Member

    English United States

    Are you confusing printing on a printer with printing by hand?

    Printing is not the opposite of handwriting. Printing can be a type of handwriting, where the letters are formed separately. Cursive is a type of handwriting in which the letters of a word are connected.

    Here is a website where you can see samples of print and cursive alphabets and exercises used to teach children handwriting:
    (Printable alphabet and Print, Read, & Color are examples of print handwriting.)
  12. greenheyes Senior Member

    British English (Cheshire)
    Ref. Post 11. You´re quite right. I hadn´t thought of printing in this way.
    However, in the original post manu-srita as opposed to print still makes me think that kruelladevil was asking about something written by hand as opposed to something not written by hand, but by a machine. Maybe s/he could clarify this for us.
  13. bondia

    bondia Senior Member

    Illes Balears
    I agree

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