let's be more than just friends

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    Hi Everyone,

    How would you say it in Russian to a girl - let's be more than just friends?

    And also - when writing to a person should you write Вы or вы ? I saw both words used and am a bit confused.


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  2. VicNicSor

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    strange as it may seem, but in Russian it could be said exactly as you've said - "давай будем больше чем просто друзьями?"
    Вы or вы - depends on a situation and personal preferences. "Вы" - is more respectful, formal.
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  3. Maroseika Moderator

    Traditionally Вы is used only in the letters addressed to one person, to show high respect. However the problem nowadays is with the public communication in the Internet. On the one hand, you are writing (addressing) to one person, but on the other hand this can and most likely will be read by many people. Some people, mostly elders, stick with Вы, but much more use вы. Younger people mostly use ты.
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