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    I'm studying Japanese right now. Together with a friend of mine, I started a graphic design studio which we called "Let's Deliver". The name refers to both the physical aspect of actually delivering a product, and also to the abstract meaning of actually carrying out one's promised services.
    I was thinking of simply putting it in all katakana: レツ・ディリバー
    But, maybe it's better to use a non-katakana translation. I was thinking of: 実現してみましょう
    That seems a bit long, however, and I'm not sure if it's correct.

    If someone from Japan could give it a try, that would be most appreciated :)
    Thank you.

    edit: to clarify, our new studio isn't in Japan yet (I'm still studying Japanese too), but we would like to try getting into the Japanese design market in the future.
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    Your katakana title should be written as レッツ・デリバー
    I think most Japanese would understand that your business has something to do with delivery, although I fear that very few would know enough English to understand the secondary meaning. But as a "one-point-lesson" you could always include a little explanation of this in your promotional materials; everyone likes to learn a new tidbit about English.

    And 実現してみましょう sounds bizarre for a couple of reasons. First, 実現 by itself would convey no understanding of what you are "realizing". Second してみましょう makes it sound like you are either asking the public to realize something themselves, or that you will try to realize something but are not sure it will work out.

    My vote is with the katakana version as I have no better suggestion for a Japanese title. :)
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    Thanks so much for your insights :)
    I'm guessing that there simply is no easy way to convey this concept in a non-katakana name. But the secondary meaning being lost is not such a big deal, really. And besides, it's a design studio, so I'm sure people will understand it's just a title, and that we're not running a package delivery service instead.

    Of course if anyone else has something to add I'd be very interested to hear.

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