let's destruction rain upon your enemy

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i was talking on a gaming form, and i was wonder is this correct:
"let's destruction rain upon your enemy|, and i mean destruction act like a rain , and wash every thing.
so please help me and correct me with right sentence.
  • gmareater

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    "Let's" = Let us. Let us destruction... is wrong.
    "Let" = Allow. Let destruction... is correct.
    thanks a lot, after all this time which I self study, I know the correct mean of "let's"
    I always thought it's mean kinda like 'let it happen'


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    I always thought it's mean kinda like 'let it happen'
    Let’s / Let us is usually used to make a suggestion. It means “why don’t we [do such-and-such]” / “how about we [do such-and-such]”.

    Let, in its imperative form, was historically used as a sort of prayer/plea or command from the gods – e.g. Let there be light, or Let no man put asunder (from the Christian wedding ceremony). In modern English, it’s sometimes still used in a similar way:

    Let the adventure begin!
    Let it be true!
    Please, let them be safe!
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