Let's do the shopping at the store. vs Let's go shopping at the store.


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Which do you think is idiomatic?

1. Let's do the shopping at the store.

2. Let's go shopping at the store.

Someone says that 2. would not sound natural.

I guess that "Let's go shopping at a store." would be idiomatic and "at the store" version would also be idiomatic.

Thanks in advance.
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    "Let's do the shopping" is not idiomatic. The first part of the sentence would always be "Let's go shopping".

    Neither "let's go shopping at a store" or "let's go shopping at the store" are idiomatic, although the second is marginally better.

    Most native speakers would either say simply "let's go shopping" without specifying where, or they would say "Let's go to the store" (or "to the mall", or "to [store name]"). In the U.K., it would be "let's go to the shops."

    However, a native speaker might say "I have to do the shopping" if they were speaking of shopping as a chore.


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    Thank you, GreenWhiteBlue.

    I just wanted to ask a general question, so I didn't have any specific shops or stores to shop in mind. So, the case should be the one to buy groceries in a nearby supermarket.

    But I am also curious about how you express your intention of going shopping in an expensive boutique.

    Thank you, Blurgle.

    edit:I'm sorry for my misunderstanding. You've already written the answer to my question below.

    If you have a specific place to shop at in mind and you want someone to go with you, what would you say to him or her?

    1. Let's go shopping in XXX. (XXX is a name of the shop you have in mind.)
    2. Let's do the shopping in XXX.

    I guess 2. would be a bit idiomatic.

    So, the answer is 3. Let's go to the shops.

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    I would speak of doing my grocery shopping, which I might shorten by saying, for example, "I do all my shopping at Waldbaum's." However, since Waldbaum's is (or was....) a supermarket, it is clear that I don't really do all my shopping there; if I wanted bed linens, or a necktie, I obviously would have to get them somewhere else.

    With a small, expensive boutique, I would not say "go shopping" at all, but instead would simply say "shop":
    She likes to shop at Oscar de la Renta.


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    Thank you, Sound shift and GreenWhiteBlue.

    It is very difficult for me to catch the knack of speaking natural English.

    Thanks again,

    I also bow to all the contributors.