Let's give it one last shot, everyone makes mistakes


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A Korean girl I've been dating got a few things in her head while I was away on a trip and now won't talk to me.
Before I conclude it's over, I'd like one last try at getting her to smile and remember the 'good old days'. Just something which will break the ice, and give us a chance to hang out with a smile rather than leaving her to stew on it.

I am looking for phrases / idioms which mean the following:

- Come on baby, let's give it one last shot
- Everyone makes mistakes

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    -(Adoring name for the lady), 한 번만 기회를 줘.
    -사람들은 다 실수를 하잖아.

    Through I guess she wouldn't like to hear the first sentence, translated or untranslated!
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