Let's go work out today.

  • dn88

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    Hi drei_lengua,

    The most conventional way to say that is "chodźmy dziś poćwiczyć". To sound informal, one can use "chodźmy dziś powyciskać".

    w siłowni - in a gym
    w fitness klubie - in a fitness club

    Hope that helps.



    Marga H

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    There isn't any specific verb for work out.You can say : iść na siłownię, poćwiczyć na siłowni ( albo w klubie fitness ), (po)trenować.
    So: Chodżmy poćwiczyć na siłowni.
    Chodżmy do klubu fitness.( it is obvious for what )
    Może dzisiaj potrenujemy? ( suggestion )


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    Hi again, I think that "chodźmy dziś potrenować" flows nicely.

    PS: "klub fitness" seems to be more common than "fitness klub"

    Cheers :)


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    polszczyzna warszawska
    From the above options I like
    Idziemy na siłownię?
    Seems the most natural to me.

    As for the fitness klub, I must admit it isn't often used in my neck of the woods, and it sounds somewhat pretentious to me, a kind of word you're more likely to hear in a commercial or see in a brochure advertising a place of this type. I used to work out at a gym which included a fitness club too, but no one reffered to it as fitness klub, even the people who used this facility. I sometimes heard them saying idę na fitness, but I wouldn't since it doesn't make any sense.
    As for the occurence you could use both depending on the context.