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Pls help me to understand "lets" "let's" "let us" with some examples...thank you! :D

¿Cuál se usa para imperativo? "Vayamos"
¿Cuál se usa para pedir? "Déjenos ir"
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    Let's is a contraction of LET US, as in LET US PRAY
    LETS is simply the 3rd person singular of "to let" (allow).
    Example. My mother lets me eat candy.
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    Antonnio said:
    Pls help me to understand "lets" "let's" "let us" with some examples...thank you! :

    I'll try. The experts can correct me if I'm wrong!!

    ¿Cuál se usa para imperativo? "Entremos"

    Let's enter.

    Or, let's go in.

    Also the same translation, I think, for "entramos". Only perhaps the tone of voice is more commanding if you mean "entremos".

    ¿Cuál se usa para pedir? "Déjenos entrar"

    Let us enter.

    In this case you would not use Let's enter. Although "let's" is a contraction of "let us", when we ask someone to allow us to do something we say "let us" and not "let's". It would be confusing to say "let's enter" if we are telling someone to allow us to enter. "let's enter" would be heard as the equivalent of "entramos" o "entremos".

    Other examples:

    Let us play, please = déjenos jugar, por favor

    Let's play, boys = jugamos muchamos.

    Let's play, damn it, you guys, quit fooling around = juguemos, maldito sea, hombres, déjense de hacer los tontos
    (I'm sure native speakers can do better.)

    The children asked the teacher to let them play. We will now see whether or not he lets them.