Let's see how it plays out/will play out


1) Let's see how it will play out- the process hasn't been started yet.

2) Let's see how it plays out- the process is already under way.

Is my thinking valid? If not, could you please point out the difference between the two.
  • galakha

    Let me give you an example. The government has just introduced new legislation aimed to tackle the high unemployment rate. A colleague of mine is asking my opinion on it. So I reply with: "Well, it's hard to tell. Too many factors are involved. Let's see how it will play out".

    Now, suppose there's been a few weeks since the same legislation came into effect. Wouldn't it be more natural in this case to answer the same question as follows: "Well, It's only been a few weeks. It's too early to judge. Let's see how it plays out"?


    Senior Member
    Perhaps present simple sounds better because the usage is idiomatic. Let's see what happens, let's see how it goes etc. Similarly to hope - let's hope it works etc.