let's take it a little bit easier on that


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In the movie''The Lincoln Lawyer'' the lawyer is talking to his investigator about the complicated case they're handling and the lawyer says:Do I have to tell you what kind of knife it was? Investigator:A short blade folding knife? Lawyer:Just like Roulet's(the client). Investigator:Okay, okay, let's take it a little bit easier on that, okay?
What does the investigator mean by saying to the lawyer''let's take it a little bit easier on that''? (I should also mention that when the investigator says that, he takes a bottle of wine from the lawyer who is drinking. Thought that may be relevant)
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    He could be telling him not to mention that the knife is EXACTLY like the client's - don't put heavy emphasis on that point. Since you mentioned the wine, however, it may be that he's telling him that he's drinking too much of the wine or drinking the wine too quickly. You'll have to figure it out from the tone of voice, actions, reactions, etc.
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