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Argentina - Spanish
Hi all!
I'd like to know if it's a common practice in your countries to sign a letter or an email with just the initial letter of your name. That is, in a friendly context, of course. For example, instead of writing "Joseph", just writing "J.", or instead of "Mara", "M." I've seen this feature in a great deal of American texts of this sort, but I wanted to know if that's usual.

Many thanks,

  • TrentinaNE

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    English (American)
    I don't know whether it's "common" but I would say it's not unusual. I sign e-mail messages to certain people with just "E". :)



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    British English
    It depends to whom you are writing. If it's an email asking for an application form for a job, for example, I write "yours sincerely" or "yours faithfully". If it's to a friend, I write Emma, E, or any number of silly pseudonyms. Attila the Hun is one of my favourites!
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