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Discussion in 'English Only' started by bosun, Sep 27, 2007.

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    when you write a persnal letter, what are the typical salutations and close? Can you give me some examples? Thanks a lot.
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    Hi, Bosun

    Could you please be more specific? "Personal" has a wide range of variations.


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    Just to throw some greetings/endings out there:
    Dear [name],
    To [name],
    Hi [name],

    Love, [name]
    Your friend, [name]
    With much love, [name]
    Wishing you well, [name]
    From, [name]
    Hoping to see you soon, [name]

    With regard to endings, you can pretty much use any adjective or descriptive phrase with the sender's name.
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    When I write something to panj, I would go "Dearest panj.................always yours, ..........".

    When I write something to bosun, I would go "Hi, Bosun...............regards, nichec".
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    How I start a personal letter depends very much on relationship with the person to whom I am writing.

    Unless you are close enough to the person to start the letter with a pet name or something like, 'Dear Sweetheart,' the opening is almost always, 'Dear Sue' or 'Dear Mark.' Just the first name.

    The closings vary more. When the letter is addressed to a family member or a very close friend, the closing is typically:
    (your first name)

    For friends who are not close enough to send 'love' to, you have many acceptable options. Depending upon the tone of the letter and your relationship with the friend, you could use any of these:

    Take care,

    See you soon,

    We miss you,

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


    Have fun,

    ...all followed by your first name.

    'Sincerely' is usually a little too formal for personal letters, but it could be used.
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