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    Can you please tell me how can I write in a classic Latin manner the dateline and place, the salutation in vocative, the closing and signature in a letter? If you can give me examples, that'd be great. Thanks.
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    You start with 'dabam' or 'datum' before you write today's date. The Roman Calendar is highly complicated as you will have to refer to some special main days and start counting from them. You'll find the explanation here. The place follows after the date (in ablative). Date and place are most often written at the end of the letter.

    The person who you are writing the letter to is in dative case (amico, filio, etc.).

    Greetings could be something like Salve (sgl.), Salvete (pl.) or salutem (dicit) and many abbreviated forms.

    The first sentence of the letter could be (if I have been informed correctly): "si vales bene est, ego quoque valeo" (I hope you are doing fine, so do I).

    You finish your letter by writing: 'vale' (sgl.), 'valete' (pl.) or: 'cura, ut valeas' (subjunctive): take care of yourself ...
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    Thank you, ablativ!
    Well, I guess the place can be in locative case too, right?
    What if I would like to write a letter in Latin, but not in Classic style, id est, if I dispense the Nones and Ides and want to write something more similar to modern usage, how should I do? How could I write today's date, 5 of December of 2013?
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