lettre d'adieu et lettre de rupture

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  1. ladies-first Member

    Belgium French
    I wonder how to say in English : lettre d'adieu and lettre de rupture. Lettre de rupture I would have said : Break letter or letter of break. Is it correct?
    And for lettre d'adieu I don't know.
  2. floise Senior Member

    Lettre d'adieu: farewell letter

    Lettre de rupture
    : Dear John letter / break-up letter

    The term "Dear John letter" refers to a letter written by a woman to her husband or boyfriend to inform him their relationship is over, usually because she has found another man.

    In more recent times, women have come to be subjected to such impersonal break-up letters as well. These are refered to as "Dear Jane" letters.

    see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dear_john_letter

  3. renardor Senior Member

    France, Français
    break-up letter, et farewell letter...

    to be confirmed.
  4. Donaldos

    Donaldos Senior Member

    French - France
    break-up/farewell letter ?
  5. ladies-first Member

    Belgium French
    thank you very much it is really helpfull :) :) :)

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