Lettre de recommandation

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  1. Wizy Senior Member

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    Je recherche un equivalent pour "lettre de recommandation", est ce que "reference letter" est bien approprié ?
    J'ai besoin de votre aide. Heeeeeelp!

  2. Loic Senior Member

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    En anglais américain : "recommendation" peut s'appliquer à une lettre:
    a formal letter or statement that sb would be suitable for a particular job, etc (OAD)
  3. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

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    My dictionary says : letter of commendation
  4. Shideh

    Shideh Member

    how do u say that in english?

    and could someone help me find a "modèle de lettre de recommandation" for a student of mine who wants to go to an american University?
  5. Léa123

    Léa123 Senior Member

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    I'd say: letter of recommandation/reference, as for "un modèle de lettre"... I can't really help you on that...
  6. lela105 Senior Member

  7. claudine75 Senior Member

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    It depends on the context : here, for a US university (ie. "a teacher's recommendation") it's a "letter of recommendation".
    I know this for certain as I had to come up with a few in my day : US colleges always ask for them along with your application.

    I dont know if models are available on the net, in the US teacher's are so used to receiving such requests from their college-age students that they pretty much know the format/BS by heart.
    You do have to try to personalize it a bit though:
    for example, it's good to say why such and such a student would be good for that particular university, what special qualities and /or strong points they have...It cant be too generic!

    As for " reference", I think it applies more to a job situation ie. from a previous employer .
    It also seems to be used quite frequently in the UK, where I recall being constantly asked for " a reference from a professionnal " (doctor, lawyer, judge, priest/minister etc.), even for such simple everyday things as opening a bank account!
    Good luck!
  8. Michelvar

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    Je dois écrire en anglais une lettre de recommandation pour dire du bien d'un de mes sous-traitants, et je cherche le titre. J'ai parcouru WR, mais je n'ai pas trouvé mon bonheur...

    pour l'instant j'en suis à "recommendation statement".

    Qu'en pensez-vous?
  9. carog Senior Member

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    " a reference letter" maybe?
  10. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    Tout simplement...
    Letter of Recommendation

    (chassez le naturel, il revient au galop... :D)
  11. Michelvar

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    Merci à vous deux!
  12. carog Senior Member

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    Are letters of recommendation and letters of reference two separate things?
  13. Nicomon

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    Several hours later... I wondered too, as I personally would have said Letter of Reference.

    I found this :
    Source : Reference Letter and Letter of recommendation
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  14. David dL Member

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    My opinion on these two:

    Reference Letters
    , as they are related to employment, are usually written by someone's boss/manager/supervisor on behalf of that individual's performance. When leaving a job, it is often suggested to get a Reference Letter, (I've also heard it called Letter of Reference) from your superior to be used in future job search.

    A Letter of Recomendation could have the exact same purpose and content as a Reference Letter, with the exception that a Letter of Recommendation might be written by almost anyone (although the credibility certainly depends on the source). For example, I hire a private electrician to do some electrical work around my house. Since this person has a new business, and I was very satisfied with his work, he might ask me to write (or simply sign) a Letter of Recommendation that he could show to other potential clients. On the other hand, a Letter or Recommendation could be a letter from a superior about their employee addressed to a specific body (i.e. another company, another department in the same company etc...).

  15. carog Senior Member

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    Nicomon, David dL, merci pour ces éclaircissements.
  16. Michelvar

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    Merci à tous pour votre aide précieuse.

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