lettre moulée

  • Aupick

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    For what it's worth, American documents ask you to 'type or print', as superromu says. British documents tend to ask you to 'write in block capitals'.


    France, français
    Could it be a typical canadian expression ?
    I have just made a quick search on my favorite search engine for "lettres moulées" and every answer I had were from Canada...
    And what about : "écrire en lettres capitales" ?

    Jean-Michel Carrère

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    From the ATILF dictionary :

    Lettre moulée, caractère moulé : Caractère d'imprimerie ou lettre manuscrite, très bien écrite, qui l'imite.


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    France, French
    When Quebecers say Écrire en lettres moulées, they mean "Écrire lisiblement", and this usually translates the English phrase "Please print".
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