Levantine Arabic: السكوت عندي يعني مقبعة معي


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can someone please help me understand the meaning of this:

السكوت عندي يعني مقبعة معي.. علامة الرضا هاي عند ستك!
  • Your interlocutor said that "being silent" (السكوت) for them means "they are pissed" (مقبعة معي), instead of it being a "sign of approval" (علامة رضا), upon which they said, "This 'sign of approval' is with (your woman?)!"
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    I don't know the whole context but isn't the meaning that viewing silence as a علامة رضا is maybe something that only happens at your grandma's place (said in a sarcastic slightly demeaning tone). "In my house" the rules are different, for me silence means I'm pissed. Isn't that what is meant?