Levantine Arabic: اللي بإيده الله يزيده

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    Hi guys!

    Any idea what this idiom means? It's said by a woman to his husband after he's said: وهلق أسلاح ما في بإيدي، بتقومي تجرحيني قدام أولادي
    She then says: شو كمان؟ اللي بإيده الله يزيده

    Thank you for your help!
  2. jcpjcp Senior Member

    I think it means:
    whatever God supports, God increases it/makes it better.
  3. barkoosh Senior Member

    This is a Lebanese saying. It should be اللي من إيدو الله يزيدو. A Dictionary of Modern Lebanese Proverbs renders it: "If the cause is the man himself, may God increase his troubles".

    It's as if she's saying: "You brought this to yourself, so you deserve more".
  4. grosdied

    grosdied Senior Member

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    Thank you Barkoosh, it makes perfect sense in the context.

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