Levantine Arabic: شايل السلم/حامل السلم بالعرض

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  1. oxyii

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    I heard (شايل السلّم بالأرض ) in a cartoon.

    episode: (طيش عيال - الهدية مطية ) at 2.50 minute, at youtube.

    İs this an idiom? what does (شايل السلّم بالأرض ) mean?
  2. barkoosh Senior Member

    Yes. شايل/حامل السلّم بالعرض means "put oneself in a difficult situation while there's an easy way to deal with the matter".
  3. oxyii

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    Thank you very much
  4. cherkesseya Member

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    Could anyone tell me the meaning of this expression?

    Here's the context:

    احيانا بقول لحالي ما حدا صغير... الكل فيهن عقل اكتر مني، ليش انا حامل السلم بالعرض

    Thanks a lot.
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  5. AndyRoo Senior Member

    Literally it means "carry a ladder horizontally".

    I found this explanation:
    " حامل السلم بالعرض " مثل يتندر به إخوتنا الشوام على من يركب رأسه فيخطأ ويدرك أنه أخطأ ولكنه للأسف الشديد يعاند ويكابر ويصر على المضي في الخطأ ، وعندما يحمل الإنسان السلم بالعرض ويريد الدخول من باب الغرفة فإنه بكل بساطة لن يستطيع وذلك لإنه يتصرف عكس طبيعة الإشياء

    From this I understand it means "knowingly do stupid things".

    I hope others can advise better.
  6. Maj New Member

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    I don't think it means "knowingly do stupid things". English translations for ليش حامل السلم بالعرض ؟ would be: Why are you making things difficult for yourself? or "Why do you keep doing things the hard way?"
  7. analeeh Senior Member

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    Yeah, it's more like doing things in a way which is obviously not the easiest way to do them in than doing things in a way which is deliberately stupid.

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