Levantine Arabic: شمعنى اليوم؟


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A girl is making a scene because she can't stand anymore to do all the work at home. His brother looks astonished and reminds his other sister that she's always been doing everything at home and he adds:
إش معنى اليوم؟

What would be the correct translation? This "إش" doesn't look familiar in Syrian Arabic. Where does the expression come from?

Thank you.
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    I’m fairly certain what you heard is شمعنى اليوم؟ (šmiʿna ’l-yōm?), which means “Why today (of all days)?”. It has a “What gives?” connotation.

    شمعنى comes from شو/إيش معنى (“what is the meaning of”). It’s like saying “What meaning does today have, that things should be different today?”.
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