Levantine Arabic: شيل السواعد


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I would like to know what's the meaning of شيل السواعد ?

شيل : To take off / lift / Raise ?

سواعد (plural of ساعدِ ) : forearms ?

Context : دبكة لبنان بالملقى دبكة شيل السواعد

Thank you
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    Context : دبكة لبنان بالملقى دبكة شيل السواعد
    I'm assuming you are referring to the song by Fairouz. I would translate it as: Lubnan's Dabka in Al-Malqa is the Dabka of raising forearms.

    At the first instant, I though that شيل السواعد might be the name of one type of dabka; but a search in the net did not give me any results other than referring to the song so I would go with the above translation.

    hank you Ayed. Maybe also placing the forearms on the shoulders of the companions next to.
    Yes, probably. More likely as in the first picture.


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    شيل السواعد is not a common expression. But this is singing, where weird things are always said. I guess that شيل السواعد means "to lift the forearms", probably to put them on the shoulders of the companions. (this is mentioned later in the song: والساعد يشبك ساعد)
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