Levantine Arabic: صار - صاير


I’m having difficulty getting the meaning of صَار . It seems to have no literal translation into English. For example, two sentences with it:

كيف صرتي؟

وين صاير بيتك؟

They both contain صار but seem radically different in tone.

The closest I can imagine to it’s true meaning is ‘essence’ or ‘happened’ or ‘happening’. Difficult to describe.
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    يصير means become or happen.
    Your first question means "How do you feel now?". Seemed to be asked to a person who has just been sick.
    The second question means "Where is your house?". Seemed the asked person has move into a new house.
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    صار is one of those words that change meaning with context, at least as far as translation to English works. In general, it means 'happened', the present tense is يصير.

    صاير is the active participial اسم الفاعل. It has a slightly different meaning and is used in different contexts.

    In the case of صرتِ (technically, it should be a kasra, although I see many use the yaa' but personally I see that as a spelling mistake) as well as صرت; well it's still the past tense صار but the alif is omitted because it is attached to تاء المخاطب أو المخاطبة أو تاء المتكلم. It's similar to other past tense verbs that are attached to the same taa' and have an alif in the middle such as نمت - رحت - دخت.
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