Levantine Arabic: صحّ ، بيصحّ - descriptive verb

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    In Cowell's book, it is said that بيصحّ biSé77 is a descriptive verb, mainly (if not only) used in the imperfect tense (p251).
    But earlier, in the same book, it is said that صحّ ، بيصحّ Sa77, biSa77 is a verb used in Palestinian.

    So my question is why do Palestiniasn use the perfect form and not the Syrians ?
    And what is the logic of not using the perfect for 'descriptive verbs' ?
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    I don't understand your question. What do you mean by "descriptive verbs"? What tense is used depends on what meaning is intended. Also, in Palestinian it's "biSi77," not "biSa77."
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    You can see on the green square that Cowell directly gave the imperfect form of the verbs (while he usually give the perfect form) to show that the perfect form is not (or rarely) used with descriptive verbs.

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    I think by descriptive verbs he means those used as adjectives like بجنن and بكفي

    On the voweling, OTD has it as ySo77. Regional or mistake?

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