Levantine Arabic: على فدّ جرّة

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How would you translate the expression على فد جرة 'in a row', 'at a stretch' if you had to do it word by word. Especially for the word جرة as it has several meanings.
I'd would translate it as: 'on a yank', as it would make sense.

But as جرة also means 'a jar', I wanted to be sure as I'm aware that sometimes, Arabic expressions are more metaphoric :rolleyes:
And I don't know, maybe, in the Middle Ages, someone did something at a stretch with some jars or manufactured several jars in a row and it became an expression :D
  • ayed

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    I think the word "جرة" means " a footstep".
    So, I agree with you on " at a stretch; on a yank"
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