Levantine Arabic: فكش، انفكش

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Hi, does anybody know this word etymology? Can't find it in any MSA dictionaries. It means to sprain in Levantine Arabic.
  • barkoosh

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    موسوعة العامية السورية and معجم عطية في العامي والدخيل say that it's from the verb فكّ


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    Thank you to both of you for the explanation. It makes sense.
    I'm a beginner in Arabic, and Duolingo gives فَكَش among the words for learning the abjad, but Google Translate gives "Check it out", so I tried to find the etymology, also unsuccessfully. Is Google Translate wrong? If not, what sense of "check it out"?


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    Google Translate gives
    "Check it out" for فَكَش and فِكِش
    "Decode" for فِكش
    "Revoke" for فكش
    "Decommissioned" for فُكش
    "Decoded" for فُكُش
    "Removed" for فُكَش
    "Cancel" for فُكْش

    Google Translate is sometimes a dumb machine.
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