Levantine Arabic: ليجي يوم ربنا يقطعلو هيي يمهل ولا يهمل

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Hey guys,

Another tweet I wanted to translated.
So someone was talking about politicians, and he said:

معالي الوزير باسيل حضرتك وزير خارجية الجمهورية اللبنانية وهناك وزير للصناعة معروف واسمه معالي الوزير وائل ابوفاعور.. ممكن تشوف شغلك بوزارتك وتفصل بين رئاستك لتيار سياسي وموقعك كوزير خارجية، ليحترم كل موقع كل وزير وبلا تشبيح
(just for context)

Then someone replied:

رح يظل يمد ايدو لهون ولهون ليجي يوم ربنا يقطعلو هيي يمهل ولا يهمل​

First, I wanted to really turn the sentence to Levantine dialect, I'd go as:

رح يضل يمد ايده لهون ولهون ليجي يوم ربنا بيقطعله هي، بيمهل بس ما بيهمل

I understand it as: he will keep clinging here and there until comes a day [when] our Lord cuts his hands, He allows a period but He doesn't forget / neglect.

Am I correct?
Also, when he says that he will cling / grab here and there, I suppose he meant that he will do anything to keep his position in the political scene, right?
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    My understanding of it is that it's saying that he'll keep stealing until he gets his just deserts: 'he'll keep putting his hand in the till til the day that God cuts it off.' It would be يقطعلو ياها in normal Levantine, although independent pronouns do occur in this position in some Levantine dialects.

    يمهل ولا يهمل, said in fuS7a, is a common expression. It means that although God might not punish people for what they've done straight away (i.e. he might 'put off', يُمهل, their punishment) He always makes sure that people get what they deserve in the end.
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