Levantine Arabic: ما عم صارله حتى


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I have a friend who speak a bit Levantine Arabic but he says himself that he's not fluent.
Recently he said:

نتظرتله ساعة لموعدنا وعالزيادة ما عم صارله حتى يعتزر

I understand that he wanted to say "he didn't even apologize" but the ما عم صارله حتى felt a bit awkward to me. Is it dialectally correct ?
  • It doesn't sound right to me. Are you sure that's what he said?
    Yes I'm 80% sure that's what he said, it felt weird to me too but I assumed it was just because he's not fully fluent and it was probably a calque from another language (he is a native Kurdish speaker and also speaks Turkish fluently).