Levantine Arabic : من بحر فنك

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I'm not sure what من بحر فنك means. The context is a song for Sabbah Fakhri : العزوبيـــــــــــــــة

العزوبيـــــــــــــــة طالت عليا
قومـــى خطبيلى يا ماما واحدة صبية
من بحر فنك ويهديني منك
وحده اميره يا ماما بعيون عسليه
  • Mahaodeh

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    I don't recall hearing the song, but through the context I'd say it means "from the sea of your artfulness".

    He's asking his mother to find him a wife with her skill at finding people.

    Fatima Ahmad

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    It's a figurative phrase ..
    From the sea of something ..sea is huge and generous ..that's why we use it to figuratively describe something huge ,plenty ,generous etc ..
    He means I guess in that context ,that his mom is like a sea of art ..she's skillful ,and her abilities are like a sea ,huge and generous ..so he wants her to choose a girl for him ,using her sea like skills . lol
    so u can use it with anything else ..a sea of sadness ..cuz the sadness is huge and plenty ..a sea of happiness ..etc etc .
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