Levantine Arabic: مْرِتّ

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    Context, please? What was the واحد مرِتّ doing in order to be called so?

    EDIT: Alright, haha, asked my mom and she recognized it immediately:
    المرتّ هو اللي بيقهر وبِعلّ القلب، بِتيّس بشي ما إلو حق فيه وبِضلّ ياخد ويعطي وينقّ ويقهر. كمان منقول عنو إنو بِلِتّ وبِرِتّ
    Basically someone intensely and frustratingly stubborn/obstinate, keeps bickering over something they don't have any right or reason to argue over.
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    If it is a variant of معتّ it wouldn't mean 'tired' or 'run-down' here. Calling someone معت means they're unpleasant or rude.
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