Levantine Arabic: هي المرة الاولى لإلك بلبنان؟

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[هي المرة الاولى لإلك بلبنان؟]
I get that this basically translates as 'is this your first time in Lebanon' but the way it is structured is a bit confusing to me. Can you break it down for me please word by word and make sense of it?
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  • fenakhay

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    هي = it/she
    المرة = time-DEF
    الأولى = first-DEF
    ل = of
    إلك = yours
    ب = in
    لبنان = Lebanon


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    هي = it/she this, feminine
    It's not هِيِّ (hiyye) but هَيّ (hayy), a Syrian form of Palestinian هادي/هاي (hādi/hāy) and Lebanese هَيْدي (hayde) -- i.e. feminine "this" -- so the speaker is likely Syrian although they're asking about Lebanon. Probably one of the many Syrian refugees currently in Lebanon.
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