Levantine Arabic: adjectival pattern فَعَال

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I was wondering why Cowell, in his book, didn't put the pattern فَعَال in the adjectival patterns.

adj pattern.png

In MSA, I think it's considered as an adjectival pattern: جبان 'cowardly', جواد 'generous'.
Also, I know that حلال and حرام are technically nouns, right? Even if it's often used almost adjectively.
And what about تمام ?

Is there a reason Cowell ignored that pattern in the adjective section?
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    No, it’s not. It’s a nominal pattern. These words are nouns, not adjectives.
    But yes, concretely, adjectives don't exist in Arabic grammar, but aren't they used as adjectives?
    Just like: شعاع، صناع، قراح، وقاح، رجاخ، هشاش، شتات?


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    In practice, many nouns aren’t used as adjectives for semantic reasons. See this thread.

    My point was that just because a word can be used as an adjective doesn’t prove that it’s not a noun.
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