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How would you say "chest of drawers" in Levantine Arabic?
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Thank you for the answers
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    I don't know about anyone else, but we just call it جوارير. If you want to say something like 'on top of the chest of drawers' we would say فوق الجوارير. I don't believe I've heard a name for it.


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    Hi, I've seen chest of drawers translated as both بيرو and شوفونية in Syrian Arabic. Both terms are likely derived from French words (bureau: desk ; chiffon: rag, cloth).


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    Will خزانة جوارير be O.K in Levantine?
    I don’t think that would work in Palestinian.
    we just call it جوارير

    If it’s not clear from context that you mean a chest of drawers and not, for example, loose drawers, بوفيه جوارير (bufē jawarīr) could possibly work. This is not, to my knowledge, an established phrase, but I might very well use it ad-hoc if I needed to.

    By the way, for some speakers, “drawers” is جرّارات (jarrarāt).


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    can بيرو be used in Palestinian?
    Palestinian has several words of French origin.

    I don't know but I can tell you that in the expression بوفيه جوارير (bufē jawarīr), بوفيه is of French origin (buffet: chest of drawers)


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    That’s interesting! Because the established meaning of بوفيه in Palestinian Arabic is not “chest of drawers” but “hutch” (hutch - Google-Suche). This is why, if I meant “chest of drawers,” I would specify بوفيه جوارير.
    Buffet actually designates the "hutch" in French. The chest of drawers used to store linen is called a "commode", which by the way has been adopted in Syrian Arabic (كمدينة) but is used to designate a bedside table.
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