Levantine Arabic: divide up the work


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I wanted to say the following and I wasn’t sure if my attempt was correct.

We should divide up the work so we can finish the project as soon as possible.

My attempt:
لازم نوزّع الشغل علينا عشان نخلص المشروع بأقرب وقت ممكن.

Thank you
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    I might be wrong, but نوزع الشغل علينا sounds a bit odd to me.

    I would say نوزع الشغل بيناتنا.

    Edit: Oh, and the most conventional way of saying 'as soon as possible' is just بأسرع وقت.
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    نتقاسم الشغل

    I don’t think there are any major differences in frequency between the four permutations of بأسرع/بأقرب وقت (ممكن).