Levantine Arabic: illi s7aab ktir

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  1. Sprachenlerner Member

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    [illi s7aab ktir]
    Why is it not ktirin?
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  2. Mahaodeh Senior Member

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    It's the plural of kteer = many.
  3. apricots

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    He's asking why it's not إلي صحاب كتيرين
  4. elroy

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    In Palestinian Arabic:

    كتيرين is almost never used; you can safely eliminate it from your active vocabulary.

    إلي صحاب كتير = إلي صحاب كتار

    You can use either.
  5. Sprachenlerner Member

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    Can I use كتار interchangeably with singular and plural nouns?
  6. analeeh Senior Member

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    No. ktaar is only plural.
  7. Sprachenlerner Member

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    Thank you all

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